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Bauman + Krasnoff LLP is a regional
CPA firm with an expertise in closely held
companies. While we specialize in accounting, tax, computer consulting
and financial and investment planning
-we place an old fashioned emphasis on service.

"The privately
held company
large and small,
deserves financial
services that are
tailored to the very
special needs
of the owners."

Stewart Bauman CPA, MBA
Alan Krasnoff CPA, MBA

Over the past decade, our firm has earned a reputation for quality and service-a reputation that we work hard to maintain.

Our early years at Big Six accounting firms gave us a solid grounding in financial expertise, but it is our years of listening and working closely with the owners and principals of privately held companies that makes us uniquely responsive to our clients.

When you choose Bauman+Krasnoff, you choose a firm that has proven its distinction repeatedly.

Successfully undergone an extensive review of its operations by an independent accounting firm.

Maintained the exacting standards required by membership in the American Institute of Cerfified Public Accountants and other accounting organizations.

Lectured various organizations and contributed to articles appearing in US News and World Report, Atlantic Monthly, New York Magazine and the New York Times.

Our highly individualized services begin with face-to-face meetings designed to ensure that we thoroughly understand your company's needs.

Special care is taken in gathering information on not only the accounting principles and practices currently in use, but also the industry in which your company operates. The end result: financial statements and procedures that can help you make smarter operating decisions.


Compliation & review

Accounting procedures

Prepare financial statements

Analyze operating results

Examine internal control

By studying your company's operations in the context of specialized industry concerns,

we can provide you with the information you need to make intelligent business decisions. Through intensive analysis of your company's daily business operations we will bring your business to its full potential. Our in-depth evaluation will cover profit margins, billing procedures, cost containment, and cash management.


Examine financial statements

Trend analysis

Evaluate financial ratios

Cash management

Review billings and cost controls

What distinguishes us from other accounting firms is the depth of our commitment to our clients—large and small.

In addition to traditional tax and accounting advice, we offer a range of support services usually found in firms far larger than Bauman+Krasnoff. Our goal is to be your true financial partner—with an old-fashioned emphasis on service. You can turn to us for advice on business loan applications, organizational restructures, business valuations, succession plans, and even computer installations.


Management consulting

Computer support

Bank financing assistance

Insurance review

Investment planning

Business valuations

When it comes to tax planning, Bauman+Krasnoff will expertly guide you through the maze of tax law—and not just at tax filing deadlines.

We provide hand-holding year-round, staying in close contact to assist you in judging the tax effects of both business and personal decisions. Over a decade of working with privately held companies also means we have the expertise to address any special needs, both corporate and individual, that may arise.


Tax return preparation

Business tax planning

Personal tax projections

Payroll and sales tax preparation

Communication with government agencies

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Stewart Bauman CPA, MBA
Alan Krasnoff CPA, MBA

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Directions to BKCPA Office

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